Status Update

Email Spam and Email Filters

Organize your email account and protect your inbox Easily, and automatically, detect, discard and respond to spam email senders. To setup SpamAssassin takes just a few minutes. Sneaky people from all over the world will send you an email with a fake attachment (email virus) or try to get you to click on a link … Read more

Create email account(s)

Set up email addresses With every Vondelphia hosting plan, you can have an unlimited number of free, custom email accounts with your domain name. Just use the cPanel interface to add, manage, and delete email accounts. To create your new email account, just follow the wizard on the screen after you log into cPanel. We … Read more

Install & activate SSL certificate

Install an SSL Certificate Unlimited, and free SSL Certificates are available to for all domains hosted with Vondelphia. This even includes Wildcard SSL Certificates, which are very popular with WordPress Multisite sub-directory installs. Use cPanel to manage your domain SSL. Just type “ssl” into the search box in the top right corner. How do I … Read more

Migrate your existing Website

Request website transfer All SSD WEB Hosting plans include one free professional website transfer. None of our hosting plans require an additional fee for this website migration service. The fastest way to begin your zero-downtime, hassle-free website transfer is to create a new ticket. Please include all related login credentials before you submit your ticket request. … Read more

Install / upload a new Website

Use Softaculous to deploy your website If you still do not have a website, consider using Softaculous Apps Installer to get up and running real fast. Many WEB Development tasks that used to take tons of valuable time, are now very quick and easy. Things like automatic backups, automatic updates and creating staging environments are hassle-free tasks … Read more

Transfer Domains to Vondelphia

Domain Name Transfer Benefits Domain name transfer is an extra service that makes managing your website hosting and domains more convenient by eliminating the need to communicate with two separate organizations (one for hosting, another for domains). Each domain name transfer will extend the domain registration period by an additional one year. Transfer Instructions Each … Read more