Status Update

Initial Domain Setup

Domain registered by Vondelphia Did you purchase a domain from Vondelphia with your hosting account? Just about everything is automatically configured, both your domain and hosting are synced up. One thing though, if you want to setup private nameservers, you will have to manually do this (or open a ticket so we can do it for … Read more

Available Pagebuilders (plugins) on Vondelphia

Still want to use a pagebuilder? Here are the available choices (and recommendations) if you want to use one on your Vondelphia WordPress hosted website: BeaverBuilder: stable and caters to developers, not noobs * Site Origin: clean, clutter-free, very open-source vibe * Oxygen: clean, fast, stable, developer-mentality * Brizy: upcoming pagebuilder that looks promising Elementor: … Read more

How does Von make money?

We believe in a Racecar fast and stable WordPress WEB Hosting environment that has a 100% no-sellout policy. Matt G. has integrated a subscription based service that’ll give customers everything they need to succeed online. A person can purchase a domain, hosting and website plan that is priced fair and packed with performance.

What is

Vondelphia is a WordPress WEB Hosting service provider with a focus on speed and security, it’s super-fast, simple and (practically) free. You can use Vondelphia to publish content to the internet and not care about anything else. Just log into your website and go! With Vondelphia, you’ll create pages, posts, users and all sorts of … Read more

Who are the people behind Von?

Vondelphia is supported by Matt G. and his three brothers, Billy, Tyler, and Zach. Matt supports Vondelphia financially and with principally while Billy, Tyler and Zach’s input is consultation. To make Vondelphia possible, the brother’s developed a unique customer flow and provided hundreds of hours of consultation. As a result, Vondelphia combines security, reliability and … Read more