About Matt from Vondelphia.com

Vondelphia is a WEB Hosting provider, an entrepreneur, a genuine family man and an avid reader living near Philadelphia, USA. My name is Matt and I love cars, chess, computers and cycles.

dobermann pinscher eating bread
Here is a picture of my dog in 2016 eating bread in my overgrown backyard.

For countless years I have been building custom websites for businesses and individuals. I specialize in all sorts of things and make it so clients can easily manage their own website even if I die. I like to work with people who are nice.

I can be your buddy and help you find the right solution with a focus on quality that I call “Made in USA Results”. My wisdom will help you avoid common issues and costly mistakes. I also waste my time doing other things:

  • Download and install WordPress plugins and themes to learn
  • Write down things I learn while browsing the internet in Evernote
  • Speak to my buddies in Telegram, and play Chess or Age of Empires

Why Von? Results.