• Jan 17, 2024


    • When someone clicks a link inside the table of contents on a blog post, the modal will now close
    • The “Post Comment” button is now hidden in the comments section UNTIL an @ symbol is detected in the email field
  • Fresssssssh!

    There is still much work to be done, for example, global styling, proper tweaks for speedier checkouts and adding content to show people who own Von+ more respect and value. I hope you enjoy the changes. I’m just gonna blast off whatever comes to mind…

    • Added new post
    • Archived previous design
    • Made some mobile viewport tweaks to the menu
    • Added logo to menu
    • Added random button on click to menu
    • Update form error message
    • Customized the primary menu
    • New site design to match other websites on network
    • Added and imported membership module
    • Added CoD for checkout
    • Imported snippets
    • Added a snippet to correctly update empty card redirect to shop
    • Added some style to random pages
    • Disabled and removed a bunch of plugins
    • Replaced some plugins with simple php snippets
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