(always) Under Construction

Essentially, a promise to avoid publishing superficial content, ensuring visitors feel confident in bookmarking Von.

  • Stats
    • A page that shows an overview of everything, like total words, posts, comments, recently updated, and nerdy stuff like this…
    • Similar to a changelog or patchnotes but a little twist
  • Changelog
    • When updates are pushed to the website, just make a post here and show people something fast…
  • Subjects that will never appear on this website:
    • Basically, a guarantee to never publish FLUFF so people feel extra good about making Von a bookmark.
      • Political events and superficial social trends.
      • Trivial updates regarding topics that have minimal relevance in a year or a couple years from now.
      • Simply generating content to meet a quota by replicating articles from popular websites.
      • No justification for anything that harms a mother’s son or a father’s daughter.
      • Avoiding negative energy unless absolutely necessary due to a genuine threat.
      • Boasting about riches, exerting dominance over the vulnerable, and engaging in other behaviors of a similar ilk.
      • Fake endorsements for a product/service
  • Whatever else comes to mind
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