Add Facebook Like button to Page or Post

Adding a Facebook like button to the website is easy. To add a like button to your webpage just follow 4 steps.

By β™Ÿ β€” Updated May 29, 2020

Adding a facebook like button to your website is easy, just visit the official Facebook tool here:

  1. Copy / paste your facebook page into the URL to Like input field.
  2. Choose button_count for the Layout option (or pick whatever you like)
  3. Uncheck the Include Share Button
  4. Click Copy Code

After using the Like Button Configurator hosted on the website linked above, you just click that blue button Get Code and copy / paste that wherever you’d like. An iframe is usually how people embed google maps, or even youtube videos on most websites so that’s not a bad route, but you don’t get as much control. So, perhaps the JavaScript SDK code snippet is best for you.

You’ll wanna make sure you disable your adblocker too, because if it’s not, most likely you are blocking all social media trackers and the likes.

Add Facebook Like button to Page or Post
Add Facebook Like button to Page or Post

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