Auto Toggle F9 Reader Mode in Edge Chromium Browser

See Immersive Reader Mode in Action

Check it out, just move your mouse to the top right corner of your screen and wait 1 second to auto activate Reader Mode.

Enter Immersive Reader Mode using AHK Mouse Gesture

Let’s just say you are lounging back in your chair with a hand ONLY on the mouse and want to activate immersive reader mode without clicking a mouse button or using a keyboard. Let’s setup a mouse gesture with the following criteria:

  • Use AutoHotKey
  • Only send key if active window is a browser
  • Detect mouse position
  • Add a cooldown timer to only activate every 1 second
  • Don’t need to click a mouse or a keyboard
  • Active Reader mode when moving mouse to TOP RIGHT corner of monitor
; ---- AUTO READER MODE ----

CoordMode, Mouse, Screen
SetTimer, CheckPos, 750

	if !WinActive("ahk_exe msedge.exe")
	MouseGetPos, x, y
	if (x = 1919 && y = 0)
		Send, {F9}