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Auto Toggle F9 Reader Mode in Edge Chromium Browser

Use an AHK script to activate Reader Mode (F9) on specific website without clicking on a mouse or keyboard.

See Immersive Reader Mode in Action

Check it out, just move your mouse to the top right corner of your screen and wait 1 second to auto activate Reader Mode.

Enter Immersive Reader Mode using AHK Mouse Gesture

Let’s just say you are lounging back in your chair with a hand ONLY on the mouse and want to activate immersive reader mode without clicking a mouse button or using a keyboard. Let’s setup a mouse gesture with the following criteria:

  • Use AutoHotKey
  • Only send key if active window is a browser
  • Detect mouse position
  • Add a cooldown timer to only activate every 1 second
  • Don’t need to click a mouse or a keyboard
  • Active Reader mode when moving mouse to TOP RIGHT corner of monitor
; ---- AUTO READER MODE ----

CoordMode, Mouse, Screen
SetTimer, CheckPos, 750

	if !WinActive("ahk_exe msedge.exe")
	MouseGetPos, x, y
	if (x = 1919 && y = 0)
		Send, {F9}

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