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Find out answers to common questions that people have about WEB Hosting and other stuff.

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What is WEB Hosting?

Please click the first 20 links and scan over all text on a bunch of different websites. Now you know what Website Hosting is…right?

How long does it take to setup my hosting account?

Hosting accounts are instantly setup after you submit payment. Either visit your Email History in our control panel or check your inbox for all related info.

Checkout is fast, secure and fun!

What restrictions are on my Shared Hosting plan?

Not many, if any limits or restrictions are in-place. Each hosting package starts with 1 GIG of allotted space, upgrade anytime free of charge. Your hosting plan is allowed, more or less, unlimited domains, bandwidth, emails, databases and free SSL certificates (even wildcards).

There are savages that take advantage of our kindness. Those customer’s are advised to buy a dedicated server, or find a new provider. Nobody is actually allowed to host 420,000 domains because that’s just absurd gluttony.

What is your uptime guarantee?

We guarantee your website will be online all day everyday. Our goal is every minute of everyday of the year but that is not realistic. Check server uptime on our 60-second interval check page.

What are the server system resource limits?

Using CloudLinux LVE Manager, we set resource limits with each hosting account. Using the CageFS module, here are the set LVE parameters (limits):

Default100%β€”2 GIG40MB/s2046452003000,000 / 500,000

What is the perfect customer for Vondelphia?

In our dream world, these are the qualities of a perfect customer:

  • Tries to always buy “Made in USA” stuff looks at all the stickers on stuff at the store.
  • Honest, not sneaky… a “genuine family-man”
  • Activates affiliate than refers 1 customer
  • Mails a holiday card to
  • Creates less than 20 help tickets a year
  • Consumes a couple a gigs of storage
  • Send / receive’s less than 20,000 emails a month
  • Makes annual payment

What payment methods do you accept?

You should use PayPal because they accept all forms of payment, but you can also use a charge card and have handle your payment.

Have a question that isn’t shown? Get in touch with us here:

Do you have 24Γ—7 technical support?

No. Sunday is the day of rest β€” we are closed. Server’s are always online, everyday of the year. You may get a response but you’ll have instant-like response rate Monday thru Saturday.

What hardware do you use for hosting servers?

Everything is state of the art. Hardware specs are supermicro servers, dual xeon processors, DDR4 memory, 100% NVMe solid state drives, lsi hardware raid 10. Get the exact details once you become a customer. We’ll give you as much information as possible.

Do you take snapshot backups?

Yes. Everything is powered by cPanel Backup.

Do you offer discounts for annual or biennial hosting plans?

Sometimes. Not often. You have to get real lucky to be honest. We dislike sale prices because our pricing is already honest and competitive. If you really want to save money, just open a ticket and tell us how much money you want to save. Maybe we can work with you.

Do you offer upgrade paths if I outgrow my hosting plan?


Will you migrate my website & hosting account from another provider?

Yes. Just open a ticket and share your login credentials. Consider your zero-downtime transfer a done-deal.

We Do Not Accept

Adult Content, Gambling, Phishing, Fraud / Scam Schemes or Spam. If you wanna host that content, buy a dedicated server.

What is the cheapest way to host a website?

Host a website on your computer – it’s free and it’ll be a fun learning experience.

How much does it cost to host a website?

Every website requires a domain, register one from Von for $25, than pay an $8 annual renewal fee with the cost of $12 a month for hosting. If you buy annual hosting, you get a free lifetime domain.

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