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How is Von different from WordPress.com?

WordPress.com is just another web hosting provider that focuses on selling WordPress... that's it.

Unlike WordPress.com, Vondelphia is a no-strings attached WordPress WEB Hosting provider. As a result, you can have a website that isn’t loaded with bloat, trash code and other trackers. We will never farm your data. Vondelphia doesn’t cut backdoor deals with theme (or plugin) authors or even collect and store your data just to make a dollar. You will always have 100% full control over all your data. Pick your own theme, activate your favorite high-quality plugin and do whatever you want.

Thanks to our multi-data center partnership deal with Von, we are faster and way more secure… equally stable. There is no piggy-back riding off the M$, Amazon or Google infrastructure. On top of that, Vondelphia is (practically) ad-free and will never use analytic server software, or promote our brand on your website. We have fair pricing, honest refund policy and only know how to delivery Made in USA quality results.

We welcome creators, developers, bloggers and all sorts of other people to create their own WordPress website using the shared SSD WEB Hosting Vondelphia network.

Most people are ignorant of the differences between WordPress.com and WordPress.org. They couldn’t be more different, browse DuckDuckGo and open the first couple of links.

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