HOWTO: Transfer your website to Von

Transfer your website by opening a ticket or buying a migration service.

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Provide website details when you request site migration

Yes. We offer all clients unlimited hassle-free, zero-downtime website migration / transfer… as long as it can be done automatically using hosting panel tool. It’s ridiculous that some people expect 1000’s of website transfers.

  1. Tell us about your app / website
  2. let us migrate, we’ll move it in one piece
  3. It’s done! The code of your website transfer in one piece – no bugs.

What’s most important to us, is that we execute everything as flawlessly as possible the first time. We don’t often make errors, or ever have problems with website migrations.

Move first, cancel later. Do not cancel your existing web hosting plan before your website transfer is complete.

How to Migrate Website with No-Downtime

It’s easy, just open a ticket and provide your existing WEB Hosting credentials. Make it as easy as possible for Von to transfer your websites by giving us everything we need. If you’d like, we can provide notes during your backup too (just ask). In short, this is how we do zero-downtime migrations… more or less:

  • Download backup files
  • Uploading compressed backup files
  • Ensure databases are working (if any)
  • Configuring your application to work at the new host
  • Transfer all misc stuff and also DNS records
  • Test everything, modify hosts file
  • Request you switch nameservers, than wait for NS propagation
  • Advise that you cancel your previous WEB Hosting service(s)

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