Install config and connect using FTP server

The specific program we’ll be installing is called vsftpd (366 kB) and it stands for Very Secure FTP Daemon. It’s a super dooper lightweight FTP server. It’s great, and you’ll love it.


  1. apt-get install vsftpd and press Y


  1. nano /etc/vsftpd.conf will open the file inside SSH so you can make edits and tweaks
  2. Double-check and glance over the file and make you see anonymous_enable=NO to prevent random dudes from connecting your VPS, that could be bad.
  3. Please uncomment (just remove #) and make it so: write_enable=YES – now we can upload files
  4. Let’s save and restart the vsFTPd service
  5. CTRL + X than Y and press Enter
  6. service vsftpd start

You can now launch up FileZilla and connect with root credentials using port 22. Typically, anything you upload to /var/www/html will be visible on the web.

This concludes the tutorial, thanks for your time.

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