Migrate your existing Website

Request a website transfer from Von after you purchase WEB Hosting.

By β™Ÿ Vondelphia.com β€” Updated Apr 22, 2020

Request website transfer

All SSD WEB Hosting plans include one free professional website transfer. None of our hosting plans require an additional fee for this website migration service.

The fastest way to begin your zero-downtime, hassle-free website transfer is to create a new ticket. Please include all related login credentials before you submit your ticket request.

Did you know, that some of our competitor’s charge for website transfer? Some people even use freelance website to contract this kind of job.


Manual website transfer

If you wish to manually transfer your website to Vondelphia, consider our advise:

  • Backup files, databases, email and export your FTP settings in Filezilla / Cyberduck.
  • Move your files.
  • Move your database.
  • Reconfigure your application.

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