What are your thoughts on internet privacy?

Major internet giants like Google, Microsoft, Facebook, and Amazon compromise privacy by promoting free or cheap services that collect user data. Vondelphia advocates hosting your own email server and website for maximum control. Users should have complete control over their data, and Vondelphia aims to provide a high-quality, Made in USA product and service for self-investment.

By β™Ÿ Vondelphia.com β€” Updated Apr 20, 2018

Big internet companies like Google, Microsoft, Facebook or Amazon have hijacked privacy in the recent years. They have convinced many people that the best things are free (or cheap). Free email hosting with @gmail or @outlook is a great way to collect, analyze and farm data. Cheap storage with AWS and free shipping with Prime membership. Let’s not talk about Facebook because you already know how they are destroying the internet.

At Vondelphia We Think

… that the most important components of the Internet should be instead:

Protect and host your own email server, website and have maximum control of everything you share on the internet. The user should have complete control over their data and everything, everywhere, as much as possible should be white-labeled.

Vondelphia’s aim is to create a

… Made in USA quality product and service for people who have money to invest into themselves.

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