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WordPress Malware Removal Cleanup

Malware removal cleanup tips, tricks and hints.

Not many people have time, or want to Install wordpress offline (local setup) and download a bunch of malware plugins and scanners to play around, or have fun and see which plugins are best.

Malware removal tips at a glance

  • Delete old themes and plugins
  • Replace two of the three major WordPress folders
  • Backup website often so you can easily restore PRE hack
  • Review users on wordpress website, double-check and delete any extra admin users
  • *upgrade latest version of plugins and wordpress core (non beta)
    • updates can break perfectly working websites, be careful…
  • Download entire wordpress website to your PC, perform local virus / malware scan and re-upload
  • Drag & drop old (potentially infected folder) into a subfolder outside of public_html
  • FTP into website and make sure you don’t have folder OR file permission set to 755
  • Submit website to google for malware detection
  • Perform integrity check using WP Cerber Addon
  • Download fresh download and replace existing install than swap credentials in wp-config.php file and finally change password to database and WP Admin
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