Cancel Domain

The delete domain process is simple, all you have to do is open a ticket in two clicks.

DN Records + DNSSEC

DNS Security is something that is very powerful, and not widely used or understood. Using the DNSSEC Protocol is awesome and you should use it.

Export DNS Records (DNS record backup)

Generating a dump of zones from a nameserver seems like it’s about the easiest thing in the entire damn world to automate but… cPanel does not have a native import / export feature easily available to new user. Export DNS Reports using an online tool by and share the PDF generated file with anyone … Read more

HOWTO: Configure google mail using your domain

If you want to use Google Mail with your email accounts, you can use the GMail functionality to fetch external accounts via POP3. Just follow the easy steps below to utilize Google Servers for delivering your email. Incoming Mail Configuration Login to your Gmail Account. Choose Settings, from the Settings cog Click Accounts and Import Click Add a POP3 mail … Read more