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Email + Blacklist

Occasionally cross-check your domain and IP with blacklists to guarantee you are in good standing with email and DNS providers.

Basically, what you want to do is check your domain against MULTIPLE blacklist checking tools to see if you need to take action. The ideal and perfect outcome is a bunch of green boxes and passing checkmarks. Never be extorted or exploited and pay for blacklist removal because these are fake services.

DNSBL, also called DNS black lists, are a resource used by email providers to keep their users’ inbox spam-free.

4 Email Blacklists you should care about…

  1. Sucuri SiteCheck scanner
  2. MX Blacklist Checker
  3. MultiRBL Checker
  4. HetrixTools

If you want to dig a little deeper, scan your actual IP address used by the email server… but you have to know that IP.

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