Squarespace Help Support

Using Squarespace and want to transfer your domain? Do you want to manage your domain DNS? Here are some helpful links directly from Squarespace: Squarespace Help – Domain Overview DuckDuckGo – Transfer Domain Away Squarespace Squarespace: Change DNS / Nameservers Visit to manage your Squarespce domain(s). Click the domain you want to manage. Click … Read more

DN Records + DNSSEC

You should only use / consider DNSSEC if you are comfortable with DS records and DNSSEC. When you manage DS records, the domain will stop resolving correctly if your name servers are not configured correctly with the associated DNSSEC resource records. Alot of this stuff is really hard to understand, and not even Von understands … Read more

HOWTO: Configure google mail using your domain

If you want to use Google Mail with your email accounts, you can use the GMail functionality to fetch external accounts via POP3. Just follow the easy steps below to utilize Google Servers for delivering your email. Incoming Mail Configuration Login to your Gmail Account. Choose Settings, from the Settings cog Click Accounts and Import Click Add a POP3 mail … Read more

GoDaddy Transfer Domain

GoDaddy is simple yet confusing at the same time. They are still using old systems mixed up with new systems. There are a couple of different places to transfer your domain.These direct links should be helpful and work for you. So basically, what you wanna do is swap out the domain you want to transfer in … Read more

Domain Pricing

Why pick Vondelphia? Consistent, straightforward pricing for registrations and renewals. Clean, fast and easy registration, renewal and domain management processes. The price you see is the price you will pay – or you might pay less thanks to our random discounts! TLD Register Transfer Renew .com $25 $25 $8 .net $25 $25 $8 .org $25 … Read more

Buying Domains from Vondelphia

If you don’t already have a custom domain, should purchase your domain through Vondelphia. Von offers transparent pricing no hidden or surprise fees and a powerful domain management portal. Your domain is set up for you automatically, and you keep ownership even if you leave Vondelphia. Domains purchased through Vondelphia are registered for one year, … Read more

Setup Vanity Nameservers

Why setup vanity name servers? When anyone does a WHOIS domain lookup, or uses a domain routing tool, anyone can see the nameservers that your domain name points to. For instance, if your domain was here is what the WHOIS report would return: After vanity name servers: NS1.EXAMPLE.COM ZUKO.FIREBALL.COM Before vanity name servers: NS1.VON.HOST NS2.VON.HOST Using … Read more

HOWTO: Change nameservers on GoDaddy

Check your welcome email for the exact nameservers, but these most likely will work too! NS1.VON.HOST NS2.VON.HOST NS3.VON.HOST NS4.VON.HOST Find primary domain’s nameservers Log in to your GoDaddy account. Next to Domains, click Manage. Click the domain you want to use, and then select the DNS Zone File tab. Find secondary / alias domain nameservers … Read more