Download Files using cPanel File Manager

Using the cPanel file manager is a really easy and fast way to do simple tasks if you don't want to use FTP.

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cPanel File Manager

Instead of using FTP, consider using the File Manager in your web browser. It’s easy to work with and it’ll handle basic tasks like compressing and unzipping files. It’s actually faster to upload a zip file and extract it inside the cPanel file manager than if you were to extract on your PC and upload 100s or 1000s of files individually… BY ALOT!

Instead of using Filezilla to connect VIA FTP, try using cPanel File Manager

Alternative Methods

  • Use the Media Library inside WordPress Admin to drag and drop individual files (good for small batches)
  • Use FTP and navigate to wp-content/uploads and download entire directory on PC. Re-upload entire directory to new WordPress website in same directory.
  • Use WordPress Tools > Export and re-upload the .JSON file into the new website using Tools > Import. You might have to click Install Now to use the module.

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