How Much? WordPress Malware Removal

The going rate appears to be $120/ website but can cost $299 or even $499 per website too.

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Von carried out research on behalf of others to save their time, by clicking on the first 10 links for each search query and gathering information on the rates.

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Customary Charges / Going-Rates

Vonsometimes free.
sometimes $10.
sometimes more.
MalCare$99/site AND hack repair service $249+
Wordfence$490/site + extra fee for 10+ GB
WP AOS$149/site
SiteLock$299 OR $499$89 or $199
Not all malware removal services are US-based Developers / Fixers, but charge US Rates.

Future-proof and Prevent

The best way to not have to pay for malware removal is to have a backup solution in place so you can just restore your website for free. The second best way to avoid malware removal service is to tighten-up and lock-down your website from dirtbags (try installing BBQ Firewall). There are no plugins you can buy that automagically remove malware and fix things. You may purchase a license to use a plugin that will scan your website but it will not fix it.

Numerous websites avoid disclosing a fixed price in order to initiate a conversation with you and determine the maximum amount of money they can acquire based on your financial status and level of knowledge.

Sad but true.

People Are Sneaky

Von quickly searched the web to gather information on the rates for malware removal and WordPress hacked website cleanup without dedicating an excessive amount of time. It is my belief that there are unethical businesses taking advantage of those who lack knowledge in this area, which is unfortunate as some of these businesses may only spend a short amount of time to clean up a website, while others may invest countless hours. Ultimately, what you are paying for is the outcome and expertise, so it could be considered a reasonable agreement.

It is not recommended to spend time believing that a malware scanner will resolve and repair issues, as that is not an effective solution.

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