Inspiration, Goals and Ideas

Yes indeed, Von has scoured the web for good ideas, smart choices and great things to replicate.

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Vondelphia is creating helpful blog articles, that are automatically posted on the forums. If a visitor wants to comment, they have join the forum and become part of our community. Some blog posts will be exclusive to paying VON+ subscribers (or Von Enterprise customers). Any person may participate on Von to earn points and redeem for a membership. Instead of paying with cash, pay with your time.

  1. Blog
  2. Forums
  3. Exclusive Content / Membership
  4. Gamification
  5. Cross-promotion for Von Enterprises

Some elements from the web that were scrapped-up to create this website include (in no specific order):

  • search box animation
  • layout
  • wpmudev blog post layout
  • wpjohnny posts layout
  • search engine live search / ajax forms
  • forums
  • forum post URL structure
  • plus
  • squarespace forums

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