Effortless SEO: “Cities Near You” or “Areas We Cover”

It can be easy to build authoritive content for search engines to crawl by dominating cities with an SEO keyword.

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Take full control of any website SEO with the help of some powerful tactics and tools.

Effortless SEO: "Cities Near You" or "Areas We Cover"
Image by mohamed Hassan from Pixabay.

Easily find a way to pump out good content to dominate search engine results. So for example, let’s find cities that we want to target, copy / paste list of cities to an online tool to alphabetize and bring back into WordPress. Once this is done, we duplicate content and spin (or swap out words) article according to the targeted desired SEO keyword.


  • Create a non-paid search engine presence for local cities to promote, educate and sell product / service.


  1. Start with a local location and add cities within 25 miles
  2. Post a page for each city location
  3. Setup internal linking by organizing blog posts
    • Pillar content (general overview) like name of State
    • Cluster content (supporting pages) like name of City in State
  4. Configure image alt texts and title tags and meta descriptions
  5. Everything must be fast, have HTTPS, be mobile optimized and help sell a product


Example On-page SEO

  • Above-The-Fold Content
    • clear heading and sub-heading with short piece of text describing offering
    • seo images / video
    • clear, concise and visually obvious call-to-action
  • Below-The-Fold Content
    • Embed Map / Directions
    • Testimonials
    • Review + Visitor Review Option
    • FAQ Schema Block
    • Case Study / Gallery
    • Contact Form

Helpful tools


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