Jump Rope Facts & More..

Jump roping is a fantastic tool that can be incredibly fun to use but, even more important, is incredibly healthy for the human body. At the very bottom you should read jump rope facts too!

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That’s right, here at Von, we just want everyone to feel great and live a healthy life. It’s important to us that people are enabled-and-able to live their best lives, so as friends, we’d like to give you a gift. Continue reading to learn about some jump rope facts too!

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Back in the day, I used to look down on jumping rope and think it was a girl thing. I was sorely mistaken; as I grew older, I discovered how beneficial jumping rope is to the human body. 

My favorite animated gifs are the Sylvester Stallone Rocky, Horse Jumping Rope, Wonder Woman in Multiversus and the other one. Hahahahah.

Jump Rope Tips

  • When first starting, consider doing spurts of 30s
  • If you have knee problems, consider using a brace, and jumping rope on a couple layers of large cardboard (recycled from boxes)
  • It took me about 15 attempts, spread across a couple of days, to actually acquire the “skill” of jumping rope. I used to only be able to skip 4 or 5 times.
  • Always jump rope with proper jams. Check out this song for example…
  • I believe, Jump Rope will pay it’s biggest dividends when the human vessel reaches the age of 65+. For that reason, it is very important to try and average several thousand a year before that age for maximum results.
  • It’s not uncommon to trim a couple of pounds during that first week or two of jumping rope.
  • Do not jump rope after drinking coffee; wait 90 minutes. Better yet, start your day off with stretching and jumping rope, and then progress to coffee or tea.
  • Avoid plastic handled jump rope at all cost. I think the best are made of Wood or have grip etched into metal.
  • If you’re a big dude and want to jump rope but it’s cold outside, don’t be afraid to shake the whole house and bang out a set in the kitchen.

Jump Rope Facts

  • Jump rope was not a woman’s thing in the past. It was mostly considered a man’s game because it was considered not decent for women to show their ankles.
  • Facilitate overall fat loss by using a jump rope
  • Barefoot jumping is incredible beneficial
  • Jumping rope increases coordination and balance
  • A jump rope can cost as little as $5 or as much as $250. Do not fool yourself into thinking the actual jump rope matters after a certain price point.

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