Post Windows 10 Tips, Tricks & Hints

It's fast and easy to make Windows more powerful by making small tweaks.

By β™Ÿ β€” Updated Mar 19, 2021

If you just booted into Windows for the first time, you should want to make your PC faster. Review the list below to get increased performance and efficiency. We can also make Windows a super efficient desktop environment that looks beautiful too. Make windows as fast as possible and clean and lean with our tips!

  1. Install your PC drivers and get updates, use a portable program like Speccy to find your hardware to perform proper search engine queries.
  2. Disable windows search and search indexer and install Search Everything (and also rebind to WIN + S) Void from
  3. Add / merge a few registry tweaks to make everything a little bit better
    • Disable Edit with Paint 3D
    • Disable Remove Previous Versions
    • Disable Remove Set Desktop Background
    • Disable_Hibernate
    • Disable_Share
    • Disable_Slow_Menu
    • Disable_Troubleshoot_Compatibility_from_Context_Menu
    • Disable_Win_S (you’ll want to use this hotkey for Search Everything)
    • Disable Firewall Notifications
  4. Gain control over your PC firewall, install and enable simplewall (or Glasswire) PLUS run as admin Unified-Hosts-AutoUpdate by ScriptTiger
  5. Disable Windows Defender using Defender Control v1.7 by Sordum Team
  6. Download Autoruns for Windows v13.98 to disable bloat services (things like scheduled tasks, background services and other B$
  7. Run as admin O&O ShutUp10 and tweak according
    • other programs like WPD, Blackbird, W10Privacy work good too.
  8. Finish up and install more powerful software (maybe try chocolatey):
    • AutoHotkey
    • DisplayFusion
    • Email Client like Em Client, Thunderbird, Postbox or Mailbird
    • Enpass Password Manger
    • Evernote Legacy
    • Nextcloud / pCloud Sync
    • QuickSetDNS or DNS Jumper
    • Plex for Windows
    • ShareX
    • Telegram / Signal
    • Tixati / qBittorent
    • VPN Client
    • Winrar
  9. Run shell:startup and place your favorite ahk scripts
  10. Replace the default cursor with Crystal Clear v4.1 – Original in Mouse Control Panel
  11. Search for “Turn windows features on or off” in the box and get rid of XPS / Print
  12. Center align your taskbar icons with TaskbarX or do it without software using StartIsBack
  13. Install and create vault in your favorite Cloud storage
  14. Install your favorite browser. I do not recommend Firefox, Chrome or Opera, instead, consider a Chromium fork like Cent, Iridium, Brave or even Vivaldi. Don’t forget to install your browser extension addons too!
    • OneTab, Tampermonkey, uBlock Origin, Stylus, I don’t care about cookies, faster chrome and BlockTube.
  15. Depending on your computer habits and what not, you shouldn’t need adware, malware or virus scanning but if you do, Zemana has some great (portable) software

When you hit CTRL + Shift + Escape and view the Performance tab inside Task Manager your CPU utilization should be under 10% at idle, and processes could be around 170(ish) or lower on fresh-boot (no programs running).

Post Windows 10 Tips, Tricks & Hints
A regular Task Manager view on a good performing Windows PC.

Are you still reading this? Well, one more bonus thing you can do is a favor. Do yourself a favor, stretch your back out… stand up and take a few deep breadths and hit the floor. Bang out a quick set of pushups. If you get your heartrate pumpin’ faster, you’ll feel like your computer will always be slow no matter what. 😏 πŸ˜‚

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1 thought on “Post Windows 10 Tips, Tricks & Hints”

  1. Here are some updates I think you’ll appreciate:

    * update drivers
    * check out “trimmed down” versions of Windows using PhoenixLite OS
    * install image extensions for app, HEVC and HEIF (make sure you get free version)
    * install and setup vault in cloud storage


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