Setup Vanity Nameservers

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Why setup vanity name servers?

When anyone does a WHOIS domain lookup, or uses a domain routing tool, anyone can see the nameservers that your domain name points to. For instance, if your domain was here is what the WHOIS report would return:

After vanity name servers:


Before vanity name servers:


Using vanity name servers allow you to hide the fact that your website actually relies on our public name servers.

You can, in theory, assign any subdomain name you want to your private nameservers. They don’t have to be NS1, NS2, NS3, etc…just sayin’.

Here are some great vanity nameserver tutorials that’ll help you learn more. Just cruise over the helpful links below:

Vanity nameserver propagation may take UPTO 24 hours before they become fully active. After your private nameservers are active, go ahead and point any other domains to these newly created custom nameservers, instead of our public nameservers.

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