SSH Commands

A list helpful SSH commands. Common SSH command usage, options and configuration.

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Visit to see ever SSH command. Knowing how to use the following SSH commands will greatly help you when doing anything with SSH.

Basic SSH Commands

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Tips and hints

  1. When you are typing a path or file name, hit “Tab” after the first few letters. If it’s the only file or folder matching the letters you’ve typed, the rest of it will auto-complete.
  2. Hit the up arrow to scroll back through previous commands – save yourself some typing!
  3. “q” or “CTRL+C” usually gets you out of any special mode.
  4. If you’ve encountered an unknown command, type “man” and then the command name to learn more about it. (Example: man ls) This will also show you special options like the -alh option for the list command.
  5. The chmod command is used to change read/write permissions for nominated files or directories.
    • chmod options permissions filename – change permissions for filename based on the parameters listed in options.
    • chmod u+x filename – give execute permission for the user.
    • chmod 0744 filename – give read, write, and execute permissions for the owner and read permission for groups and others.
    • chmod –r – change file permissions recursively through the directory and its subdirectories.
  6. Permissions can be defined using alphanumeric characters or digits.
    • u – user
    • g – group
    • o – other
    • r – read
    • w – write
    • x – execute



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