SSH Commands

A list helpful SSH commands. Common SSH command usage, options and configuration.

Visit to see ever SSH command. Knowing how to use the following SSH commands will greatly help you when doing anything with SSH.

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Basic SSH Commands

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Tips and hints

  1. When you are typing a path or file name, hit “Tab” after the first few letters. If it’s the only file or folder matching the letters you’ve typed, the rest of it will auto-complete.
  2. Hit the up arrow to scroll back through previous commands – save yourself some typing!
  3. “q” or “CTRL+C” usually gets you out of any special mode.
  4. If you’ve encountered an unknown command, type “man” and then the command name to learn more about it. (Example: man ls) This will also show you special options like the -alh option for the list command.
  5. The chmod command is used to change read/write permissions for nominated files or directories.
    • chmod options permissions filename – change permissions for filename based on the parameters listed in options.
    • chmod u+x filename – give execute permission for the user.
    • chmod 0744 filename – give read, write, and execute permissions for the owner and read permission for groups and others.
    • chmod –r – change file permissions recursively through the directory and its subdirectories.
  6. Permissions can be defined using alphanumeric characters or digits.
    • u – user
    • g – group
    • o – other
    • r – read
    • w – write
    • x – execute



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