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Domain Name Transfer Benefits

Domain name transfer is an extra service that makes managing your website hosting and domains more convenient by eliminating the need to communicate with two separate organizations (one for hosting, another for domains).

Each domain name transfer will extend the domain registration period by an additional one year.

Transfer Instructions

Each registrar handles domain transfers differently, but still follows the rules set by ICANN, the organization responsible for regulating domain registration. In short, this is what you’ll do:

  1. Unlock the domain, look for a button to disable / remove lock
  2. Request authorization / EPP code, check ADMIN-C email address
  3. Transfer to Vondelphia using the domain transfer service
  4. Approve the transfer, check your email and click the link

You can have us do everything for you by opening a ticket. Here are some domain registrar specific guides for the DIYer:

Domain Transfer Tips & Tricks:

  • Sometimes, you need to disable or cancel Domain Privacy Protection on your domain before you are allowed to Transfer Domain.
  • Remember to change your DNS settings before you initiate the domain transfer process.It might not be possible to edit DNS settings until it domain transfer is complete.
  • Some domain registrar’s are sneaky (ie. 1&1). If you update your domain Admin-C info, you may lock your domain from being transferred for several days.
  • Initiating Your Domain Transfer: You will have to specify the EPP / Authorization code to begin domain transfer. Confirm that you have Admin-C email address for the domain name too. You may have to update the domain owner info to receive your unlock / EPP code. Everything is automatic, just complete the domain transfer order begin and hang-tight. You will be notified when domain transfer is completed.
  • Confirming Your Domain Transfer: If the Authorization / Unlock / EPP was incorrect, check your domain’s administrative email address for the correct code. You must follow the email instructions. You may receive additional email from your current registrar asking you to confirm the transfer again.

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