Initial Domain Setup

Initial domain setup from Von is professional and after you purchase a domain you'll be ready to use it instantly!

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Domain registered by Vondelphia

Did you purchase a domain from Vondelphia with your hosting account? Just about everything is automatically configured, both your domain and hosting are synced up. One thing though, if you want toย setup private nameservers, you will have to manually do this (or open a ticket so we can do it for you).

Domain registered elsewhere

If you already registered a domain name elsewhere, and you want to use it with Vondelphia WEB Hosting, all you gotta do is:

Did you know, it’s easy to create private / vanity nameservers? Using vanity name servers allow you to hide the fact that your website actually relies on our public nameservers when someone does a domain WHOIS lookup.


Where did your register your domain name? Most likely, you just log into your domain name control panel and update two records โ€” point them to your hosting account server IP.


To display your website on the internet, you must point the domain nameservers to your Vondelphia hosting server. You have to change your domainโ€™s nameservers (NS) to the proper values from the control panel of your domain registrar (the organization that manages the registration of your domain name).

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