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WordPress Performance Checklist

Unfortunately, a lot of WordPress plugins and themes aren’t developed with performance in mind.

Our WordPress Performance checklist helps you speed up your WordPress websites with tried and true optimization techniques. If you want even more speed, follow our WordPress performance checklist.

  1. Invest in WEB Hosting
  2. Optimize Images with Lossy Compression (and use WebP)
  3. Use a Content Delivery Network (CDN)
  4. Regularly optimize your database
  5. Disable scripts and plugins from loading on a per page basis
  6. Lazy load images, iframes, and videos
  7. Use well coded plugins and a theme
  8. Get a website performance audit

Nothing is more important than the WordPress host you choose to power your site.

Dirty Car Salesmen

Time and time again, I see WordPress users struggling with performance on their sites. Unlike what some people might lead you to believe, there is no architecture, or host that exists that will magically fix bad code. Even with the most solid WordPress performance tuning efforts in place, you have to remain cognizant of factors that suddenly slow your website down.

Your WordPress site should actually feel fast, and this doesn’t always line up with website performance testing tools. Fine-tune your WordPress website for speed using the free tools found on websites below because it’s very easy to do.

  •    woorank
  •    seobility
  •    SEOptimer
  •    Ubersuggest
  •    Varvy
  •    WebPagetest
  •    GTmetrix
  •    Lighthouse Viewer
  •    Nibbler Silktide
  •    seositecheckup

Unfortunately, a lot of WordPress plugins and themes aren’t developed with performance in mind. Because of that, many load their scripts across your entire WordPress site. From choosing the right host, caching, and CDN, to WordPress tweaks and database optimization — our WordPress Performance checklist above is practical advice.

So, if you have any questions, send us a message (or comment below).

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