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Manjaro is a beautiful linux distro with a huge community. You should try it out at least once in your life.

By β™Ÿ β€” Updated Sep 22, 2020

Having fun with Manjaro is mad fun and I think you’ll love playing around with this Linux Distro. Here are some things to do after installing Manjaro Gnome edition:

  • changed gnome alt tab style (un-grouped them) by going into Settings > Keyboard Shortcuts > Switch windows > Alt + Tab
    • it used to be Switch Applications = Alt + Tab
  • from Manjaro Hello startup launch app, I picked my favorite layout
  • tweak a few more keyboard shortcuts, that I was comfortable using with in Windows 10 like Win + Tab to manage workspace by System > Show the overview > Super + Tab
  • installed some of my favorite apps like Enpass Password Manager, Brave Browser, Discord, Filezilla and Telegram… the most important stuff to install are the browser extensions because I consume most of my data by connecting to the web and scouring for rich content
  • added the forums to my bookmarks and glanced over some of the stickied posts and also joined the discord
  • downloaded the pling store app image launcher (portable version) so I could use this app to manage / install themes to replace icons, cursors, shells, etc. and even tested a few out.
    • find top rated GTK3 Themes here.
  • install Youtube-dl from the Add/Remove Software center… now when using Lollypop to play music and other apps, you can do all sorts of magical stuff.
  • another favorite Windows app replacement is Evernote, we’ll use NixNote2, but you should also consider checking out TUSK too.

Just in-case you wanna go back to Windows, use an app like Gnome MultiWriter to burn a Windows image to your USB thumb drive.

Manjaro Gnome feels fast, looks great and is fun to operate because it’s different from Windows. Also, it should be noted too, that the Discord community is gigantic and people are always ready to help. Even if you ask a rookie question, you’ll probably get a good quality, fast-response. The Manjaro Community is like non-other!

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