Vivaldi Theme (IE 11 Metro UI inspired)

During the Windows 8 and Window 8.1 release people had access to an amazing Internet Explorer port. The browser design was a brilliant revamp because it placed browser elements at the bottom and helped the user focused on webpage content. The address bar, tabs and favorites (bookmarks bar) all being positioned at the bottom was … Read more

Available Pagebuilders (plugins) on Vondelphia

Still want to use a pagebuilder? Here are the available choices (and recommendations) if you want to use one on your Vondelphia WordPress hosted website: BeaverBuilder: stable and caters to developers, not noobs * Site Origin: clean, clutter-free, very open-source vibe * Oxygen: clean, fast, stable, developer-mentality * Brizy: upcoming pagebuilder that looks promising Elementor: … Read more

white and black printer paper

How does Von make money?

When a person or business wants to have a website on the internet, they usually buy a domain, hosting or website service from Von (hopefully all three!).

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