What is Vondelphia.com?

Vondelphia is a WEB Hosting service provider with a focus on speed and security, it’s super-fast, simple and (practically) free.

Who are the people behind Von?

Vondelphia is supported by Matt G. and his three brothers, Billy, Tyler, and Zach. Matt supports Vondelphia financially and with principally while Billy, Tyler and Zach’s input is consultation. To make Vondelphia possible, the brother’s developed a unique customer flow and provided hundreds of hours of consultation. As a result, … Read more

How old is Vondelphia?

Vondelphia WEB Hosting was launched in second quarter, 2018. The alpha version of Vondelphia officially launched in fourth quarter 2016. More and more people are attractved to Vondelphia because of our fair refund policy, great privacy policy and honest pricing.

Who is Vondelphia for?

Vondelphia is for everyone who wants fast and reliable WordPress WEB Hosting . Business users and small teams may like the powerful plugins and premium themes. Those looking for extra privacy should check out our advanced settings and revolutionary policy. If you want secrecy, try password protecting your site or … Read more

Do you process take-down requests from third parties?

Our mission is to provide other people with the possibility to communicate with everyone, everywhere on planet Earth. Whenever we receive a complaint at abuse@vondelphia.com or dmca@vondelphia.com regarding the legality of public content, we perform the necessary legal checks and take it down when deemed appropriate. Please note, we will … Read more

There’s illegal content on Vondelphia. How do I take it down?

Vondelphia is a genuine family man, Christian company. All Vondelphia hosted website data that is publicly available must be respectful. If you find content on Vondelphia that you think is illegal, please email abuse@vondelphia.com or use the contact form. We do not process any requests related to private membership websites. … Read more

What are your thoughts on internet privacy?

Big internet companies like Google, Microsoft, Facebook or Amazon have hijacked privacy in the recent years. They have convinced many people that the best things are free (or cheap). Free email hosting with @gmail or @outlook is a great way to collect, analyze and farm data. Cheap storage with AWS … Read more

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