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A WordPress maintenance service allows you to outsource the majority of the day-to-day caretaking and problem-solving, saving you time and giving you peace of mind. You should use the time you save for whatever makes you happy.

There are two monthly plans to choose from; select the one that best suits your needs.Β 

  1. We manage every aspect of your WordPress site for $39/month
  2. New Website + Manage Everything for $99/month


  • Cancel or customize your plan at anytime.
  • Troubleshooting & Technical Support
  • SSL Installation, Daily Cloud Backup and Weekly WP Updates
  • Analytics Integration (Google, Bing, Baidu, Yandex, Pinterest, etc)
  • Monthly Site Customizations: (2) 15-minute small tasks per month to change text, graphics, or settings.
  • Basic Website Optimization included for free

Although WordPress makes running a website much easier, troubleshooting, bug fixing, and maintenance tasks can still take a significant amount of time. Or they might take too much skill to complete on your own. This is especially true if your eCommerce or small business expands and your website requires more complex functionality.Β 


  • You are working with someone with plenty of experience
  • There aren’t several plans to choose from, you just pay monthly.
  • Maintenance plan includes site cleanup if your site does get infected by malware as well as website lockdown.
  • Everything everywhere, as much as possible, is white-labeled.


  • There is no money-back guarantee because the service you are paying for involves actual man hours (skilled labor sitting at a keyboard).
  • WordPress updates are weekly, not daily.
  • Live chat support isn’t available 24/7 and is closed on holidays. All support tickets are usually solved or replied to in under eight hours.
  • Some ridiculous support requests are charged as an additional service. For example, if you have a heavily infected website and consistently blow up your website or do other wreckless activities.
  • No discount available unless you ask customer support.

A website maintenance service will save time by keeping everything updated and stable. If tasks are taking too much of your time, which you would rather spend elsewhere, consider a maintenance plan by Von.

Why do I need a WordPress Maintenance Plan? If you can/will do it yourself, you don’t!

Matt G.

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