Website Header Design Inspiration (and C2A Ideas)

A list of good ideas for you to consider when adding content to your website header.

There are some great things you can jam into your website header. With so many options, here is a good idea list for you to consider:

  • Animated Text Scroller
  • Blog / News link
  • C2A button
    • a short simple call to action button that is customized to your website
    • Book a Session
    • Request Quote
    • Try free for 14 days
  • Brand or logo identifier
  • Contact info / icons like telephone or email address
    • Live chat icon would work too
  • Coupon Discount Promo link
  • Get Started button linking to form, guide or popup modal
  • Hamburger menu that opens up more links 😂
    • could also be an “app” menu button
  • Hire Me button (consultation service button)
  • Integrate a login / register button
  • Minimalist Bare-bone header, just have nothing except for logo and hamburger menu
  • Pricing link for transparency and trust (if you hide your pricing you are being sneaky)
  • Refer a friend option button Get $25
  • Search button
  • Shopping cart icon
  • Social media icons
  • Support link (or icon) to redirects to help section
  • Switch Toggle for Currency / Language
  • Testimonial / Reviews button
  • Why Company? button

You know, there really is infinite Website Header Design opportunities. The most important thing about having a good website header, is that you are happy with it.

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